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2023-04-11 NOTICE: The following policy or plan is currently under internal review and may not be up-to-date or fully aligned with our organization's current practices or procedures. Please check back shortly, or contact us for more information.

Approved Tools Policy

Fox and Geese utilizes a suite of approved software tools for internal use by workforce members. These software tools are either self-hosted, with security managed by Fox and Geese , or they are hosted by a Subcontractor with appropriate business associate agreements in place to preserve data integrity. Use of other tools requires approval from Fox and Geese leadership.

List of Approved Tools

  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Common code editing tooling: Vim, Emacs, etc
  • Docker
  • Dreamhost
  • Github
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Google Docs Suite
  • Google Drive
  • IBM Watson
  • LiquidWeb
  • Microsoft Azure
  • NPM
  • Netlify
  • Slack