Fox and Geese
< hi >We're a Portland, Oregon-based team of data scientists and software engineers.We develop our own products. And provide software engineering and consulting to select clients.
Deep Dive Duck

With "zero configuration," Deep Dive Duck provides deep competitive insights from changes detected across your competitors' sites.

  • 100% Lambda backend
  • Google headless Chrome + Puppeteer
  • 8 million cups of coffee (more or less)


Since 2008, our flagship website change monitoring product has provided actionable insights from website change detection to 1000s of businesses.

  • Over 1400 features integrated in over 10 years
  • We average 1 new feature, fix, or code push every day


Designed for IT staff, Fluxguard enables sophisticated session orchestration to monitor, alert, and archive website changes.

  • CloudFormation
  • AWS Fargate
  • DynamoDB
  • React.js
  • Other goodies

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