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It’s at the Heart of Every Story.

But instead of fairy tales, today's stories are told through surveys, regulatory documents, social media, and web data. It's no surprise that you might lose the plot as these vast sources shift and change.

Our products illuminate the stories that are important to our customers. We use machine learning, artificial intelligence, and change detection to find the trail of breadcrumbs through the forest. We distill complex text into crisp summaries.

We help the US military and the biggest companies in the world understand the stories in their data... from their customers, from competitors, regulators, partners, and staff.

We're Fox and Geese, an Oregon-based team of data scientists, software engineers, and—yes—storytellers. Can we help tell your data story?


Fathom harnesses AI to unlock insights from surveys, social media, and other sources.

Developed with the support of the US Air Force, Fathom can process thousands of surveys and other sources in seconds, categorizing responses by topic and sentiment, extracting key phrases, detecting trends, and more. Fathom's dashboards provide users with an at-a-glance overview of their data, enabling faster decisions.

Fathom helps organizations make sense of unstructured data faster than ever before—saving them time and money while providing valuable insights into their customers.


Versionista provides data and document intelligence for the biggest companies in the world. Our web change intelligence platform utilizes state-of-the-art machine learning to detect, prioritize, and track insights from text and web data.

Versionista makes it easy to review web change histories over time or compare versions side-by-side to identify key changes and act accordingly.

Versionista helps organizations manage their risk and improve decision-making through data intelligence. We provide customers with up-to-date information about changes on webpages of competitors, partners, and regulators.


Fluxguard offers scalable, non-stop web change monitoring. This makes it an ideal solution for leak detection, PII breaches, compliance monitoring, and defacement protection.

Fluxguard offers real-time alerts and dashboards that provide actionable insights into any anomalous changes on a website. Fluxguard's intuitive design provides businesses with the tools needed to monitor their digital assets around the clock.