It’s at the Heart of Every Story.

But instead of fairy tales, today's stories are told through surveys, regulatory documents, social media, and web data. It's no surprise that you might lose the plot as these vast sources shift and change.

Our products illuminate the stories that are important to our customers. We use machine learning, artificial intelligence, and change detection to find the trail of breadcrumbs through the forest. We distill complex text into crisp summaries.

We help the US military and the biggest companies in the world understand the stories in their data... from their customers, from competitors, regulators, partners, and staff.

We're Fox and Geese, an Oregon-based team of data scientists, software engineers, and – yes – storytellers. Can we help tell your data story?

Deep Dive Duck

Deep Dive Duck leverages AI to provide deep business insights from changes detected across your competitive landscape. We provide detailed change reports on a weekly basis.


Fathom surfaces insights from documents, surveys, and text. Engineered in part under a contract with the United States Department of the Air Force, we leverage BERT-based topic modeling and other AI techniques to make sense of complex text. Fathom highlights emerging topics and trends, and points the way to root causes.


Fluxguard enables sophisticated session orchestration to monitor digital portfolios for defects, defacement, and other problematic content, code, and design. Leveraged by the biggest brands in the world, Fluxguard offers scalable, non-stop change monitoring of any text, image, code, network activity.

Needle X3

Broad keyword monitoring for target sites: Needle X3 finds mentions, deletions, or additions of any keyword or phrase on any site. This is an evolution beyond "brand monitoring" that alerts very specific keywords: now, you can monitor broad terms and phrases on any site.


Versionista provides data and document intelligence for the biggest companies in the world. Our web change intelligence platform utilizes state-of-the-art machine learning to detect, prioritize, and track insights from text and web data.

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