We Monitor Web Changes.

But That’s Just the Start of Our Tale.

Our origin story is web change detection.

For years, we've provided web change intelligence for the world's biggest organizations. Our products include Versionista, for competitive and regulatory intelligence; Fluxguard, for content safety; Deep Dive Duck, for competitive intelligence; and Needle X3, for broad phrase monitoring.

But there's a bigger theme in our story: text intelligence.

Simply, we derive insights from text. We summarize complex regulatory documents. We use AI/ML to distill topics from surveys. We use named entity recognition to surface and link attributes from social media. And, yes, we track changes across versions.

While working for Fortune 500 companies across the world – including in home base Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington – our founder, Peter Bray, recognized the appeal of document intelligence for the enterprise. Fox and Geese's products accelerate insights through change detection, automation, and artificial intelligence.

At the same time, we recognize that even the best products sometimes have a hard time integrating into complex enterprise environments. For this reason, much of our time is spent integrating our products into existing processes and corporate environments.

Data Science

Our team leads the way in nimble machine learning insights from text.

We are experts in Natural Language Processing, including Named Entity Recognition; topic modeling with Latent Dirichlet Allocation, BERT; Transformers; abstractive and extractive summarization; explainable ML; sentiment analysis.

As a bootstrapped company, however, we focus on working, practical software. We want our software to solve real problems and return real value.


  • Python, Node.js, React.js, R, Java, and more
  • AI/ML experts in text analysis and NLP
  • Infrastructure as Code
  • NoOps / DevOps
  • AWS and GPC for "everything": from Lambda to Fargate, to DynamoDB and beyond
  • Agile, Waterfall, and "wet agile" (bit of both!)
  • Our entire leadership team are trained engineers or data scientists.

Product Management

We excel at complex product development.

We've brought products to market across the globe: both customer-facing and internal. We love aligning multiple stakeholders for multi-region Enterprise initiatives (really!).

We practice "wet agile," a combination of agile development and more traditional waterfall software development. This allows us to cadence development with complex enterprise needs.

Fox and Geese
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