Portland-based Fox and Geese Wins Contract with the Department of Defense to Utilize AI to Improve Workplace Culture

January 3rd, 2023

Fox and Geese, a Portland-based software company, today announced that it has been awarded a contract with the Department of Defense (DoD) Office of People Analytics (OPA). The total contract value is over $1 million. Fox and Geese will adapt its text analysis platforms, Fathom, with AI functionality to help OPA better understand organizational climate and culture across the DoD.

With over 1.3 million military personnel and hundreds of thousands of civilian employees, the Department of Defense faces particular challenges in understanding the varied concerns of its diverse workforce. This can have a material impact on force readiness. Investigatory tools, such as the Defense Organizational Climate Survey (DEOCS), provide data that can help OPA sift through the myriad issues employees may be concerned about, but it can be difficult to interpret, particularly as freeform text responses number in the 10s of thousands of pages and can include group-specific jargon and acronyms.

Fox and Geese will use its Fathom product, a technology focused on mining, trending, and summarizing large bodies of text, to help OPA better understand subgroup differences. This includes creating AI-curated personas to highlight populations most impacted by policy changes. As well, Fox and Geese will engineer Fathom to automate creation of AI-curated glossaries that identify, track, and define in-group language, including military-specific acronyms, slang, and terms of art.

“We are thrilled to be working with the Department of Defense on this important project,” said Peter Bray, CEO of Fox and Geese. “Our software will provide OPA with unprecedented insights into the diversity of perspectives across the DoD. This is a key step forward in understanding how policies impact different groups, ensuring that the DoD can better respond to the needs of its personnel while maintaining a high morale military.”


Fox and Geese has a long track record of developing innovative AI-enabled software. Its text analysis products include Versionista, a SaaS solution that provides regulatory and competitive insights. Its Fluxguard solution monitors corporate data for potential reputational risk. Its new Fathom product—the technological foundation for this engagement—provides situational awareness for Defense, corporate, and intelligence professionals. With over twenty years of experience in text analysis and machine learning, Fox and Geese is a trusted partner for multiple Fortune 500 companies as well as numerous U.S. government organizations. For more information, please visit us at foxandgeese.com or contact us at info@foxandgeese.com

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